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Collaboration & Innovation to Town Government



ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Innovation through Collaboration

Endorsed, Trusted and Respected by other fellow Democrats at the State, Wake County and School Board level; Councilors Satish Garimella and Steve Rao who commend Michael's collaborative skills and leadership. 

Michael's Bold Innovative Policy Changes & Successes have benefited all of Morrisville:


  • Fought for PARKSIDE ELEMENTARY & added RTP land for a STEM HS or Middle school. Michael started the dialogue with Wake Co. & RTP for Morrisville schools

  • LEVERAGED & Secured  $350 million in Transportation Improvements Projects, including McCrimmon & NC 54 Expansions, Little Road, Louis Stephens, Aviation & Airport Extension projects  

  • CONSISTENTLY Voted to OPPOSE more High-Density development without added Conditions for Traffic Congestion & other Neighborhood concerns

  • MODERNIZED Development standards to reflect Sustainable Growth, Livable Neighborhoods,  added Greenways, Expanded Buffers & the Concept that "Development should Pay for Itself" 

                                                      Public Safety & Budget

  • ADDED $$$ MILLIONS to Town Budget through Sales Tax Income, Parks Payment in Lieu, Emergency  911 CALL CENTER & Recycling Savings

  • DECREASED our Fire, Police & EMS Emergency Response times by up to 2 minutes with a joint 911 CALL CENTER w/ Cary & Apex

  • FOCUSED Town planning and funding on Relocating Fire Station #2 to a more effective safety situated site nearer to our geographic center of town

                                Protecting Our Neighborhoods & Environment 

  • Spearheaded the NW PARK BUILT, added Greenways & Open Space in town plans for Kitts Creek, Breckenridge & along McCrimmon Extension 

  • PROTECTED the environmentally Sensitive Wetlands around Crabtree Crossing & other areas of town from development

  • Stopped CCE, Millicent & Green Road Connectors, which would negatively impact Neighborhoods and pedestrian, bike & youth safety 

  • SUCESSFULLY ADDED  a new Council Voting seat for the Providence & Kitts Creek neighborhoods


  • ENDED GERRYMANDERING in Morrisville by taking the "Politicians Out" of drawing the district boundaries


All these Successful efforts and supported Initiatives highlight what many in the public believe has helped Morrisville receive national recognition in 2019 as ‘a best place to live in the U.S. and in NC.’ 


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 I am running for reelection to continue to make positive differences in moving Morrisville forward. 

My proven record of leadership and service shows I can bring about tangible results, all the while working and collaborating with others. 

   I have kept my promises in working on

a more Strategic Town Plan, Putting Public Safety and Neighborhoods First, Smart, Balanced Growth, Protecting our Environment. 



As an Army Intelligence Officer who commanded a staff and troops in combat, Michael developed a strong sense of Integrity, Accountability and Dedication to Service.    

   He has brought that same "Principle over Politics" Leadership approach to the Council and Town Staff in taking the lead and working with his colleagues and staff to get Road and Park projects Funded and Moving. 

    Michael will continue to support sustainable smart growth policies that help us grow better, not just bigger. 



A Husband, Dad, Veteran and Entrepreneur, Michael’s life experiences have reinforced his strong values and principles.  Dedications to service is part of his  personal fabric. Michael's wife is a WCPSS educator. 

Michael will continue to improve the quality of life for everyone, connecting our diverse Neighborhoods to each other, bringing together bipartisan support in arriving at collaborative and innovative solutions. 

 Michael is proud to be endorsed by a wide range of people and organizations. 


During his two terms, Michael has kept Morrisville Moving Forward

     Relationships, building trust and being honest, matter!!  Working with Colleagues, other Wake Officials and town staff we have made significant and positive differences.  For example, Michael focused funding of our Emerging Town Center, building of our library, Parkside School & NW Park, bond funding of the Aquatics & Fitness Center renovation, Leveraging County, State & Federal Funding for projects like Morrisville Carpenter Road Widening, Hatcher Creek & Crabtree Creek Greenways and Cricket Field LED lighting.  

Over the years Michael has been involved with Town government long before he was elected, focusing on the fundamentals he understands how important it is for citizens to feel part of the process not outside it.  He SPEARHEADED the charge for more open, transparent government, video streaming of council meetings, National Citizen Survey,  and our new Strategic Planning.

Michael is honored to be endorsed by elected fellow Democrats at the Wake County and School Board level, other nearby towns, colleagues on our Town Council, including Satish Garimella and Steve Rao who commend his collaborative skills and leadership. 

Vote to Re Elect Michael Schlink on November 5th !


ENDORSED, TRUSTED, & RESPECTED by a wide range of people

 “ Councilor Schlink brings experienced leadership, solid perspective, and innovative ideas to Town Hall.  He has worked with Council and Staff in a collaborative manner to lead on environmental, and transportation issues , though his collaborative skills a new school, Parkside Elementary was built in Morrisville.

We need productive colleagues like Michael on the Council, who work in a non partisan manner to get things done for Morrisville. " 

-  Steve Rao, Morrisville Council Member At-Large 

 “I support Michael Schlink for Town Council. I serve with Michael and have found him to be  consistently trustworthy, reasoned and thoughtful decision-maker. 

 He does his homework, has built strong relationships with other elected officials and staff -- ultimately resulting in effective and innovative solutions that have improved our community and in tackling complicated policy issues."


-  Satish Garimella, Morrisville Town Council Member 

 Morrisville is now considered one of the best places to live and raise a family in NC according to USA Today and Niche 2019 rankings!! Our residents are overwhelmingly positive about the direction MSV is headed and its services according to our biennial National Citizen Survey (ICMA) town survey done in 2018 and 2016.

Margaret Broadwell, former Morrisville Mayor


Lauren and Matt Wells, Breckenridge Residents 

Josephine and Mike Maloney

       - Huntington Woods Residents 

Robert Crawford, Breckenridge Resident

Ty Elliott, Preston Resident 

Vidya Dass-Akkisetty Family, Breckenridge Residents

Andrew & Christina Browning, Downing Glen Residents

Jay and Carla Helms Family, Breckenridge Residents  

Sierra Club  "The Sierra Club has once again endorsed your candidacy in the Morrisville Town Council race in appreciation of your demonstrated commitment to protecting the environment, your strong support for the environment and your proven track record in environmental issues." 

Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS®
• Promotes the highest ethical and professional standards
• Serves as a leading advocate of private property rights and community involvement 

•  Supports those who will best serve the community’s residents. 

Triangle Apartment Association 

 "After careful consideration we have endorsed your re-election candidacy for Town Council District 1! We believe that you will continue to honorably serve the community and that you share our commitment to Smart Growth, focus on Sustainable Development and attention to the housing Affordability Crisis in our communities."

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Vote to Re-Elect Michael Schlink on Nov. 5th!


Collaborative and Effective Leadership

Schlink has earned a reputation as an advocate for Neighborhoods and Residents.  He is willing to go the additional mile to consider viable options and opinions in finding workable solutions.  

Michael initiated talks with other Wake County Officials and leadership over school site selection, a promised town library & county funding for sports tourism in Morrisville. 

Vote to Re-Elect Michael Schlink on November 5th !

Priorities and More Bold Initiatives


I. Putting Public Safety & Neighborhoods First

Our Town's first responsibility is the health and safety of its citizens. Public Safety is No PLACE for POLITICS. I will continue to make sure that our police, fire fighters, and EMS have all of the resources they need to do their job. That means ensuring those that First Responders have the collaboration,  equipment, regional support and necessary information in maintaining our safe town status. 



i) Adding mandated developer solicited Neighborhood input at start of process giving residents added voice & input on developer conditions & safety

ii) Continue partnering with Wake Tech, RTP & Wake Co. Officials on STEM focused schools in Morrisville benefiting all of Wake Co.  I 

iii) I have always tried to put people first as your town councilor, I will continue to work with all citizens and stakeholders to make Morrisville the most livable town now and for future generations   

II. Smart, Balanced Growth

 This is listed  also as a top resident priority from our biennial Town Survey.  We must continue our progress over the last seven years; ensuring infrastructure and town services will support current citizens and neighborhoods, new residents and businesses.  Development should pay for itself.

As Morrisville begins to build out, this growth will turn to infill, and we must find ways to balance and ensure our development standards are up to date, use "Best Practices" and Lessons Learned of other cities to manage our growth. 


i) Increase by two Voting members the number of seats on our Planning & Zoning Board (PZB) to be more inclusive & representative of all districts of our town.

ii) As part of our affordable housing plan look at  "Best Practices" of other communities to Increase our "Lower than Average Home Ownership Ratios"

 iii) Expanding Open Data to give residents a better idea of what their government is doing and to encourage residents to help address the town's challenges

iv) Continue to LED efforts to start staff planning for our Transit Oriented Development -  Enhancing our ability to maintain economic competitiveness with other Wake County Cities

III. Protecting our Environment

Morrisville's environmental record for the last seven years is very good and we have made constant improvement but it can get better and we can use open data and innovation to do that.  Buffers between development uses can get expanded as can open space and environmentally sensitive wetlands across Morrisville.  Working with Cary and other regional partners we can add additional environmental programs to increase our water conversation, review and expand our recycling programs, and encourage LEED certified building practices. 


i) Continue funding our “Emerging Town Center”, adding more green space & less surface parking around our new library, funding of a new Saw Mill Nature Park off    Church St 

ii) Continue working with Wake Co. Commissioners on added sports tourism funding for Cricket & Cedar Fork District Park, protecting those wetlands in the park, more field upgrades, a second park entrance, & new bathrooms    

iii) Help Stop the NC billboard bill (H 645) which limits local government's authority over billboards & would allow more clear cutting of trees along our highways

Vote to Re-Elect Michael Schlink on November 5th!

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